Music Review: Anna Bond

The beautiful yet de rigueur Sonu Niigaam - Shreya Ghoshal melody Yenendu Hesaridali kicks off the soundtrack; the charanam portions being an absolute pleasure to listen. A brilliant Tippu's Boni Aagada is peppy and has a foot-tapping rhythm spruced up with heady beats, while Kaanadanthe Remix (Puneeth Rajkumar) is so-so as the actor's vocals seem to be a misfit to the track at places. However the instrumentals and the backgrounds are pretty interesting and gives a reggae feel besides adding a soft kuthu touch to it. The melancholic Thumba Nodbedi sung superbly by the composer himself is impressive orchestration at its best, and the last He is Anna Bond (Theme song) has marked similarities to the Don theme song, noticeably Zara Dil Ko Thaam Lo (Don 2), but nevertheless gets the raciness quotient right. Anna Bond may not be fresh, but is still fun engaging fare!