Sunday, October 23, 2016

Best OST's So Far - 2016 (Updated)

The most gratifying and pleasing OST's so far this year:
The rest classified as Above Average (AA) / Average (A) / Mediocre (M):

Music Review: Pushpaka Vimana (Kannada)

Composer(s): Charan Raj
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

One listen to Charan Raj's Jilka Jilka, and you would be given to thinking it was Vidyasagar who was directing it all. It's almost as if Raj took all the best aspects of what a Vidyasagar semi-classical composition would be and then gave his own spin. Indu Nagaraj, for her part, does a great job rendering it. Charan Raj himself sings Jogulave admirably, lending the calming lullaby a captivating strings-laden orchestration, while Haricharan is spot on with his singing of the stunning Celtic-folk fusion Mugilu Belmugilu, which also forms the soundbed for the lovely instrumental Pushpaka Vimana Theme.

More Vidyasagar feels ensue in the lilting ghazal Baana Thoredhu Neeli (Neelathamara's Pakalonnu comes to one's mind), with singer Siddhartha Bhelmannu acing the song with his impeccable vocals. The album closer Ee Srushtiya is underlined by a gorgeous use of flute, even as Ganesh Karanth wins over with a superlative rendition of the ambient melody. With two whoppers of soundtrack in a single year, Charan Raj proves he is a consummate talent to watch out for. I possibly can't remember the last time a soundtrack possessed me with such elation and joy!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tech Roundup: AT&T Time Warner Acquisition, IoT Botnet Attack & More

[A recurring feature on the latest in Science & Technology.]
Google's first Made By Google store opens in Manhattan

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Music Review: Kavalai Vendam (Tamil)

Composer(s): Leon James
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

Sid Sriram delivers well the heartfelt melody Nee Tholaindhaayo, while the effervescent EDM number En Pulse Yethitu Poriye has Inno Genga hitting all the right notes with his sprightly rendition. Un Kadhal Irundhal Podhum amps the breeziness factor to even greater heights (splendid singing by Armaan Mallik and Shashaa Tirupati by the way), as its soulful reprise version sung by Vandana Srinivasan opts for a soft, immensely likeable guitary backdrop. Leon James keeps things simple and inviting with Kavalai Vendam.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Listen: Lady Gaga's "A-YO"

After going the retro and ballad route with Perfect Illusion and Million Reasons, Lady Gaga takes a country-pop diversion with her latest single A-YO, complete with a heady beat and catchy guitar riff. Probably the best I have heard thus far her soon-to-be-released Joanne. Listen below -