Heavy Rotation: Fickle Friends, Jenny Hval, Warpaint & More

Justin Bieber bets big on tropical house with Cold Water (Major Lazer) and Let Me Love You (DJ Snake), and Britney Spears makes a tepid comeback of sorts with Make Me... and Private Show. What are your favourites?

Postcard (Balance And Composure) - Moody thrumming piece of rock music from Pennsylvania-based alt-rock outfit Balance And Composure.

Keystone Dealers (Brendan Canning) - Subtle drums and soothing horns make Brendan Channing's Keystone Dealers a chill, pretty listen.

Cry Baby (Fickle Friends) - Groovy, infectious jam from U.K.-based quintet Fickle Friends.

Conceptual Romance (Jenny Hval) - Jenny Hval not long back released Female Vampire from her upcoming album Blood Bitch, and Conceptual Romance is a continuation of that ethereal, ominous-sounding sonic identity the Norwegian singer has carved for herself.

Silver Chain ft. Kurt Vile (Luke Roberts) - A simply breathtaking melody!

Things to Come, Indigo (Matt Kivel) - Matt Kivel had a full-fledged album in the form of Janus back in February, but a few songs unsurprisingly didn't make the cut. Here's two of them. Gentle and oh-so-soft, aren't they?

New Song (Warpaint) - If only every band named their new songs like this? Meta-jokes apart, New Song is a catchy, high-on-energy dance-rock number that will undoubtedly be on your repeat the minute you start listening to it.

The Moon Hangs In The Sky Like Nothing Hangs In The Sky (Yohuna) - Absolutely gorgeous, layered and atmospheric, The Moon... is a hypnotic melody for keeps.

Other notable listens of the week - Animal Feelings' Chemical Love ft. Nomi Ruiz, Billie Marten's Lionhearted, Cass McCombs' Medusa's Outhouse, Creative Adult's Moving Window, CVS At Night's Mudd Club ft. Maria Usbeck, How to Dress Well aka Tom Krell's Lost Youth / Lost You, Jenn Champion's No One, Noble Oak's Careless, Pfarmers' Red Vermin, Total Slacker's Olympus Hills.