Heavy Rotation: Beyoncé, Metronomy, Tall Heights & More

It's already end of June, and Stereogum is out with their best albums of 2016 list. How many have you listened to?

Sorry (Beyoncé) - Lemonade, on one level, is Beyoncé laying her personal life bare, an album that offers a rare peek into an otherwise guarded, heavily-filtered life of the famously inscrutable star, about her man's supposed infidelities and transgressions, and the emotional fallout she experiences, all manifesting as angry outbursts of righteous rage. In Sorry, she is even ready to move on with her life, even if it means a life without her man. I ain't sorry, she sings, adding Middle fingers up, put them hands high/ Wave it in his face, tell him, boy, bye/ Tell him, boy, bye, boy, bye, middle fingers up/ I ain't thinking 'bout you. While one is not sure how much of this infidelity narrative is true, Beyoncé, no mincing words, takes the breakup anthem to a whole new level of apathy and defiance.

Free (Broods), 1000X (Jarryd James ft. Broods) - Free is a monstrous banger from New Zealand electropop sibling duo Broods, so exhilarating and punchy that it stands in stark contrast to their featuring act in Jarryd James' pleasant romantic ballad 1000X.

Spirit Cold, River Wider, Two Blue Eyes (Tall Heights) - Where folk duo Tim Harrington and Paul Wright channel Fleet Foxes and Switchfoot with their intricate-sounding harmonies.

Subways (The Avalanches) - Australian electronic outfit The Avalanches are gearing up for their first album Wildflower in 16 years, and if Colours and the funky Subways are any indication, they might just be having a winner on their hands.

Rapper's Delight (The Sugarhill Gang) - Rapper's Delight indeed! The song is approximately 15 minutes long but I sure wouldn't mind if it were twice that length. And a big shout-out to Bozoma Saint John for reminding me about it at Apple WWDC earlier this month!

Other notable listens of the week - Erin McKeown's Sugar in a Pie, Four Tet's Moma, Metronomy's Night Owl, Parcels' Anotherclock, Teenage Fanclub's I'm in Love, Wymond Miles' Summer Rains.