Heavy Rotation: Amber Arcades, Porches, Majical Cloudz & More

Rihanna finally drops new material from ANTI, and more recent listens from Amber Arcades, Porches and more...

Turning Light, Right Now (Amber Arcades aka Annelotte de Graff) - The tunes navigate such a mind-altering, spacey soundscape, it's difficult to pull yourself out of that dreamy reverie.

Moth to the Flame (Chairlift) - Like a moth to a flame, you will be attracted to this electric dance-infused synth jam!

Pigments (Elohim) - A smooth electronic production, groovy and melodious.

Battery (Fatima Al Qadiri) - A lush instrumental as disconcerting as it can get!

Bitter Pill (Flowers) - British indie pop act Flowers' latest navigates a terrain more easily likened to their prior offerings Pull My Arm and Ego Loss. Impressive nevertheless.

Expansion Pact (Gun Outfit) - Gentle, guitary ditty that instantly puts you in the mood.

Wait For It (Leslie Odom, Jr.) - This anthemic song from the 2015 critically acclaimed Broadway musical Hamilton is pure symphonic perfection.

Wait & See, Heaven (Majical Cloudz) - Indie-pop duo Devon Welsh and Matthew Otto deliver a hypnotic electronic masterpiece with their latest EP Wait & See.

The Choir (Morly) - Ambient, harmonious and appositely choir'esque, this minimally arranged haunting single is truly a keeper.

Be Apart (Aaron Maine aka Porches) - My kind of synth jam, so freaking love it!

Work ft. Drake (Rihanna) - Apple iTunes perfectly surmised Work as a "love-at-first-listen song, fueled by auto-tune magic and futuristic dancehall ambience," and my god, an addictive listen it is. Well-played RiRi!

Ablaze (School of Seven Bells) - Befittingly titled and perhaps the band's most uplifting tune from their forthcoming final album SVIIB thus far.

Help Me Run Away (St. Lucia) - That hook, trust me, is just insane!

Player (Tinashe) - The sort of club-ready, thumping pop song you will keep coming back.

Were You Ever a Dreamer (Young Galaxy) - Montreal synthpoppers Young Galaxy have been crafting impeccably bouncy songs like Ready to Shine. Theirs latest is no different.