Tech Roundup: YouTube Music, iPad Pro & More

[A recurring feature on the latest in Science & Technology.]

Alphabet/Google -
  • YouTube Music, Google's beautiful/fresh standalone take on music, rolls out for Android and iOS as part of its Red music subscription service in the USA; blows competition out of the water. (pro tip: make sure you like the music you are listening, they get automatically saved offline every 24 hours.)
  • New security vulnerability targeting JavaScript v8 engine in Chrome lets anyone take control of an Android smartphone with just a Chrome link.
  • Google Maps finally adds offline navigation and search on Android world-wide; coming soon to iOS.
  • TAG Heuer's Connected Android Wear luxury smartwatch goes on sale in the USA for $1,500.
  • Google to stop supporting Chrome for Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 by April next year.
  • After going app-only, Indian online retailer Flipkart comes back to mobile web with a lite version in partnership with Google; works only on Google Chrome.
  • Google open-sources TensorFlow, the machine learning technology behind Google Photos and Inbox Smart Reply.
  • Google plucks user profile pages out of Google+; gives them a proper coat of Material Design.
YouTube Music for iOS, and the navigation drawer is back!
Apple -
  • Apple's largest iPad, iPad Pro, goes on sale in the USA; CEO Tim Cook wonders why anyone would buy a PC when there's an iPad Pro and declares it a desktop replacement for many, many people.
  • Mozilla Firefox web browser comes to iOS.
  • Apple is in talks with banks for a mobile person-to-person payment service like PayPal Venmo and the recently revamped Google Wallet, reports the Wall Street Journal (paywall).
  • Apple's music streaming service Apple Music lands on Android; to shut down Beats Music this month end.
Facebook -
  • Belgian privacy watchdog orders Facebook to stop tracking non-registered/logged out users for targeted advertising, or else face a fine of $268,000 per day.
  • Facebook drops Notify as rumoured last week, the app that floods users' lock screen with latest news alerts.
  • Facebook rolls out 360-degree video ads; reportedly testing Snapchat-like disappearing messages in France.
  • Facebook wants you to avoid the hassle of manually tagging your friends on photos; will now scan your smartphone photos for your friends using 'Photo Magic' facial-recognition technology and nudge you into sharing them (the feature is opt-in, and currently being limited to Australia).
Others -
  • Microsoft Windows 10 gets its biggest update yet; adds Skype integration, Edge browser sync across Windows 10 devices, among others.
  • Social bookmarking/photo sharing service Pinterest now lets users search for items in a pin's image, and it's awesome!
  • Yahoo!-owned social networking platform Tumblr adds instant messaging.
  • Volkswagen emission scandal deepens; admits to falsifying fuel economy and carbon dioxide readings on 800,000 vehicles.
  • Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba smashes records with sales of $14.3 billion on the eve of Singles' Day (that's on 11/11).
  • Adult website PornHub reports a 10% drop in traffic following release of popular role-playing game Fallout 4.