Heavy Rotation: The Besnard Lakes, Classixx, Prawn & More

Justin Bieber and One Direction drop their latest albums today!

WorkX2 (Annie) - I have been listening to Annie's Endless Vacation EP on an endless loop, and WorkX2 has to be the most relentlessly catchy song I've heard this year. A beat-driven, addictive electro-pop goodness like no other!

Half the World Away (Aurora Aksnes) - Aurora's voice is breathtaking, and the song, even more so.

The Motorway (The Besnard Lakes) - Stunning psychedelic soundscape, and I'm loving the Fleet Foxes-like vocal harmony.

Gentle & Soft (The Blue Jean Committee) - Really gentle & soft on the ears, and so relaxing, but also unforgivably short!

Up and Down (Chantal Acda) - You have no idea how much I love this song, and the strings in particular.

Whatever I Want (Classixx ft. T-Pain) - A perfect example of auto-tuning done right!

Numbers (Daughter) - Yet another moody single from Elena Tonra after the fabulous Doing the Right Thing.

Bang My Head (David Guetta ft. Sia & Fetty Wap) - I wrote about Bang My Head back in July, but what's different this time around is the inclusion of Fetty Wap's vocals (or mumbles, for I could barely make out a word or two without looking up the lyrics) and a sick beat that's a mix of reggae and house. Sia as usual owns the chorus!

Hollywould (D∆WN aka Dawn Richard) - A funky trip hop song, and very synthy too!

Sometimes, As Old Roads, A Word I Give, Threnody (Goldmund) - Absolutely riveting piano instrumentals bordering on bliss.

Old Gloria (Nico Yaryan) - A slow, mid-tempo number, with a neat blend of brass and rock elements.

Lime Habit (Poliça) - Addictive and affecting in equal measure, this synth jam from Poliça's upcoming album United Crushers is one heady listen.

Seas (Prawn) - A rock composition that's beautiful as much as emotional, not to forget the lively outro.

Open Your Eyes (School of Seven Bells) - Can synthpop get any more dreamier and hypnotic than this? I doubt it.

It's All in Vain (Wet) - If you loved Kelly Zutrau's Weak, there's no reason why you can't like It's All in Vain.