Heavy Rotation: C. Sathya, Dharan, Navneeth Sundar & Shravan

Kaadhal Prema, Maarinade, Koncham Koncham (Shravan, Alias Janaki) - Shravan does a great job of the groovy Kaadhal Prema, while Koncham Koncham sees the composer accompanying Kavya for a lovely romantic ballad. Haricharan, for his part, is his inimitable self in the gorgeously tuned Maarinade.

Kadalil Kan Mashi, Nee En Mizhikalil (Navneeth Sundar, Buddy) - Kadalil (Divya Ramani) has an unmistakable Vidyasagar touch to the proceedings, but is so mellifluous a listen, and in Nee En Mizhikalil, Ms. Ramani joins hands with the ever-dependable Vijay Yesudas and Nidhin Lal for the gorgeous melody.

Thoda Thoda (Dharan, Endrendrum) - Unnai Kandane-composer Dharan's latest outing is largely forgettable, barring Thoda Thoda, a pretty waltz-like melody sung flawlessly by Haricharan and Ranina Reddy.

Injathea, Ivan Yaaro (C. Sathya, Nedunchalai) - C. Sathya pulls off a stunner in Injathea, a splendorous semi-classical number aptly complemented by Madhushree, Roop Kumar Rathod and Yazin Nizar. Ivan Yaaro, again in the mesmerising voice of Madhushree, rides on a minimalist strings-laden soundscape and spectacular doesn't even begin to explain it.