Music Review: Issaq (Hindi)

Composer(s): Krsna, Sachin Gupta, Sachin-Jigar
Film: Issaq

Issaq Tera almost brings back recollections of their own previous works, but Sachin-Jigar manage to keep the tune interesting nevertheless. Mohit Chauhan - and Smita Jain for the Duet version - do a perfect job behind the mic. The duo's other track Jheeni Re is nothing short of exceptional; the Hindustani number immensely benefiting from the wondrous orchestration, and Rashid Khan and Prathiba Bhagel's stupendous vocals. Sachin Gupta ropes in Rahul Ram for the folkish Bhole Chale and is fun while it lasts. The rock flavored Aag Ka Dariya rides on Ankit Tewari's first-rate rendition; its serene Unplugged variant (Sachin Gupta) dropping the heavy percussion for flutes and piano. Reminds me of several songs from the Bhatt camp though. Krsna's rustic themed Enne Unne is bloody infectious and is bolstered by an ultra-spritely singing from Papon, Keerthi Sagathia, Mamta Sharma and Tarun Sagar. His second offering Bhagan Ke Rekhan Ki (Raghuvir Yadav, Malini Awasthi) is an adequately engrossing classical. A jolly good mix from different composers, Issaq has some memorable tracks!