Music Review: Puthagam

Tippu, Rahul and Sunandan totally own the heady Kondadathaan; yet the catchy hook reminds one of Chikku Bukku (Gentleman, A. R. Rahman). Belly Raj and Deepa Miriam of Kangal Irandal fame deliver another stunner of a melody in Mella Pookkudhe, the arresting violin bits adding immensely to the song's charm. Italica (Mathangi) is enjoyable in moderation, while the guitar'y Say That You Love Me (Suchitra, Prasad) manages to hold the listener's interest with its quirky tune. But the OST ultimately belongs to the Bhaag D.K. Bose-styled Money is so Funny (Gerard Thomson, Maya); an infectious percussion track that soars spectacularly aided by an equally rapturous musical orchestration. The lyrics Kaiyyil varum varaikkum kannil illai urakkam... Kaiyyil adhu kidaichum kannil illada urakkam aptly summarizes the human quest for wealth and money. Welcome back James Vasanthan!