Music Review: Pizza II : Villa (Tamil)

Composer(s): Santhosh Narayanan
Film: Pizza II : Villa

The opening guitar strums of Boomiyil are distinctively Santhosh Narayanan, but Pradeep Kumar aces the serene melody with his flawless rendition. The retro flourishes of Disco Woman, despite quite reminiscent of Rathiri from the movie's prequel, is smartly packaged, even as the soundtrack takes an intriguing turn with Kannum Gnyanam, a dark, foreboding track backed excellently by Kalyani Nair and a profusion of strings. Somewhat identical to Engo Odugindrai is the grunge metal-leaning Pa Pa that sees the composer making use of Gaana Bala's vocals like never before. With a tune befitting a horror flick, the first of the two instrumentals, The Villa, packs in enough punch, while the violins make a fantastic comeback in the melodious Varaipadam. Santhosh Narayanan's Villa is cut from the same cloth as its predecessor Pizza, yet manages to stand on its own.